More Fabric

This weekend was a busy one for me with 2 shifts at my second job, keeping up with the normal weekend stuff and it is hectic.  Then, you throw in the Xmas chaos and it is insane!

But, it is now 11pm Sunday night and I feel like I managed to keep my sanity!

The dinner out that I had with a friend tonight helped me keep my perspective and brought the smile back to my face.

Although, looking at the fabric that I bought on the weekend should do that anyways!  Look at how pretty it is 🙂

I went to Spotlight on Saturday and managed to avoid buying the black and white fabrics and was happy with just the metre of Xmas spots that I bought.

But then, I went again today to get more of the green so I can keep going/finish/be motivated again to finish a separate quilt top and due to the lack of sleep I just didn’t have the willpower to avoid the black and white fabrics this time!

However, there is a black & white quilt pattern in the latest AP&Q that is calling my name so it will be used!

The Xmas dots are another story 😛

I have no use for them but they are so pretty.  And 50% off!  How could I resist?

I have 2 cushions that I’m going to revamp so even though this fabric doesn’t go with the cushions I’m going to use this fabric for them.

I just need to find another few spare minutes to do that!

Hope you all had a gorgeous weekend and have all your Xmas shopping done 🙂


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