My Mum has recently started to get involved with card making and going to the shops and buying cards and dova lackeys that cut the paper and make pretty shapes.

Which is a good thing as it is the first time she has ever had a hobby and I’m really happy that she has found something that she likes to do.

Even if she does drag me into all the shops that sell the stuff and bores me to tears cause there is nothing in there that interests me.

And wobetide her if I ever do start getting involved and spending money on it!  I need another expensive hobby like I need a whole in my head!

Anyways, apparently there is a craft/card shop in Geelong that is open 2/1/2010 and being that Mum lives in Mount Gambier she has had a bright idea of us doing a day trip there so she can look at the card stuff.

Now, this is where you guys come in.

Are there any quilt shops in Geelong?  If so, what are my chances of them being open?

Oh well, hopefully it will be a nice drive and worse case scenario it will be some more bonding time spent with my Mummy 🙂


One thought on “Geelong

  1. Hi,

    Not sure about Geelong but you could stop at Fragrant Cottage in Warrnambool if that is on your way and there used to be one in Port Fairy too. Have a great day trip.

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