2009: Finish #7

In October 2009 I was home sick for just over a week with what was a suspected case of whooping cough.  Thankfully, it turned out that I didn’t have it however, I was still quite sick.

So with all that time off I sat and though about things and wandered into my sewing room and looked at this block and then looked at Leanne’s Blog for ideas.

It was at this stage that I decided that I was going to restart my Butterfly Garden and do it in red, black and white.

This meant that I no longer needed this block and needed to work out what to do with it as I don’t really need another wall hanging or cushion.

I showed a picture to one of my friend’s at work who has a little girl and asked her if she would like it once I had finished it.  She said yes and seemed a bit blown away that I would just give it away.  She did offer to pay for materials etc but what’s the point of giving something away as a present if you get $$ out of it?

So, since then I have been putting it together and quilting it.  I quilted it with invisible thread/fishing line so you can’t really see any mistakes that I made!

I quilted it quite densely so that that applique shapes pop out and I also treated the flower (middle row – end right) as an applique shape along with the butterfly (bottom row – middle).

It’s taken awhile as I had tafe, work x2 and a few other things happening all at the same time but I’m pleased to say that tonight I sewed the label on it and it is now done 🙂

I’m really happy with the way that it turned out and I think that my friend will love it.  I just wish that I had a hanger for her to hang it on.


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