My Weekend

I’ve had a very busy weekend but I have still managed to do enough that I feel like I have achieved something.

The biggest thing that I’ve managed to do is to cut out and organise all of the shapes for Sugar Candy.  Please excuse the poor photo but my camera for whatever reason decided it didn’t wan to upload the photo so I had to use my phone.  Trust me, it looks much better in person!

If/when I do this pattern again I will do some things different as I thought that instead of waiting for all the shapes to be cut out and iron them all on at once I would do it piece by piece.

Unfortunately, this means that some pieces aren’t in the spots and the top left hand ladybird is actually on top of the pointy flower.  I’ve also had to readjust the curly bits that for the moment are written on.

But…. you can’t really tell any of this once the pattern is away from it 🙂

Well….. except for the ladybug!

So the end of the year is nearly upon us and now that I have extra time I’ve started to want to finish some things off.  Hopefully before the end of the year.

This is the list that I have (as at 13/12/09):

  • Stars in Court
  • Butterfly Garden: Block One (Wallhanging)
  • Bind Snails Trails
  • Rebind Memories of Spring #1 and put some flowers on it
  • Just Another Nine Patch Star – to flimsy or even block stage
  • Pin & Quilt x2 quilts
  • Finish Kokeshi Dolls
  • Finish Berries for Breakfast
  • Finish Sugar Candy
  • Finish Hexagon Quilt to the first border

It’s a lot I know but I’ll just plug away at it ‘ti it’s all done 🙂

I also want to update my blog a bit but that will have to wait.

Hope you all had a good weekend 🙂


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