Getting Old?

Well, I don’t know about you guys but for me sewing at night I sometimes find it a bit hard to see.

And I know that it is much easier to see what I’m doing when I sew during the day and I get the sunlight streaming in the front window.

So, I have worked out that it is either the fact that I’m getting older or my eyes are going on me ’cause I’m getting older or if the light in the sewing room is getting worse.

As I can’t do much about the first two options I’ve gone with the third which I can fix!

Wa lah!

My new wizz bang floor lamp from Kmart.

It does have a charming list to the left however, I figure that 1.  you can’t expect good quality for $40 and 2.  I really can’t be bother repackaging it up and taking it back.

Thinking about it now I probably could have gone to Target and gotten something slightly better for the same price but it’s too late now!

Side note:  has anyone else noticed how painful it is now to buy a light globe?  I got lost when I had to choose between cool light, warm light, screw in, twist in, 9w, 11w (not their real watt!) and mini or floodlight size.

I remember the day when you just picked one up and off you went 🙂

I must be getting old 😛


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