It’s Back!

Well, I’m very happy, ecstatic even, to annouce that my sewing mojo seems to have found it’s way back to me 🙂

This of course, has made me a very happy girl and I’ve been ensconced in my sewing room today since 2pm.

I’ve been making the first block of Butterfly Garden that I made many months ago into a wall hanging as I’m now starting again with that quilt with a different colour scheme.

Of course, when quilting it I ran out of thread at 5.05pm so I couldn’t run to the shops and buy some more.  I’ll go tomorrow once they open once again.

So I moved onto a new quilt pattern that will use up some left over half square triangles from the green baby quilt that I made a few months ago.

I’ve now got that to a point that I can’t do anything more until I can get to Quiltaholics and buy some more fabric.

“My mojo’s back and my credit card’s going to be in trouble*…”

*Sung to the tune of “My Boyfriend’s Back”

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