All Quilted

I have been pottering around with Stars in Court over the past two weeks and haven’t really made much progress as I just haven’t been putting the time in.

However, the end of July is nearly upon us which means August is around the corner and I will be needing this quilt soon so that I can give it to it’s owner.

Although I’m really starting to fall in love with it so hopefully I’ll be able to let it go!

Friday night however, I decided that enough was enough and I would just have to pull my finger out and get it finished.

After I finished putting the borders on I went and got out the material that I had bought from Spotlight the other weekend only to find that the instructions had been wrong and I hadn’t bought enough 😦

I was not a happy.

I also wasn’t going to go and buy some more to make it enough so I grabbed 2 other pink fabrics and then cut enough 10.5′ squares to make a big enough backing, sewed it all together.  Crisis averted.  And it looks really pretty now too.  Much prettier than it would have been with just the one fabric.

Saturday and all of today were relegated to quilting and I managed to get to the end of that by 8pm tonight.  Another 1.5hr later and I also had binding sewn on ready to be hand stitched to the back during the week.

Whilst I’m happy with the way that it has turned out I’m going to go to the quilt store tomorrow to get some sparkly yellow and pink thread and quilt a star in the middle of the appliqued stars.

At the moment I’ve just gone around them and it does look okay but not quite right so I’ll fix that after I finish hand sewing the binding down.

I also found this site on the weekend and made up my own tag which I think looks groovy.Why don’t you hop on over and go get yours 🙂

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.


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