A Day In My Life: 16 July 2009

*Quick note: I’m posting this on Saturday 18th July*

Well, I’ve just looked back in my archives and can see the last time I did this was exactly 1 year ago!

I never meant to leave it so long and every time the 16th of the month rolled around I always felt bad that I wasn’t posting but just not bad enough to do it!

However, this month I am in a ‘get it done’ mood and have decided to pick it back up 🙂

So here we go!


5.00am – first alarm goes off, decide that I’m waaay too tired to get up yet and press snooze.

5.20am – second alarm goes off, still too tired to get up.  Definitely don’t want to go to the gym either.  Hit snooze.

7.30am – this is a much more civilised hour.  And I don’t start work ’till 9am.  I get to sleep in a bit longer.  Snooze.

7.35am – hang on, I start at 9am… that means that I have to leave at the latest at 8.10am.  Ooops.  Lay in is over.  Gotta get up and go.

8.10am – head out the door for the drive to work.

8.40am – arrive at the coffee shop near work, order my coffee to go, hope back in the car and drive the couple of meters left to go to work.

8.42am – arrive at work, unpack my stuff, make some porridge for brekkie and turn my ‘puter on.

9.00am – start work, it’s all go go go.  My boss isn’t in today as she’s in Melbourne on a work trip so it’s up to me and L to move things along.  New girl isn’t in today cause she is apparently ‘sick’.  Again.

11.00am – i’m hungry.  what’s to eat?  Hmmm, I’ll have my banana I think.

12.00am – think about having lunch, cause I’m hungry again/still.  Go grab my sandwhich from the fridge and fill up my water bottle.  Decide to keep working and get something done.  I’ll take my lunch break later.  Someone’s going down to the Green Cafe, I’ll get them to grab me another coffee 🙂

“coffee makes the world go ’round, coffee makes the world go ’round….”

14.30pm – ok, I think I can see the light at the end of today’s work and feel happy that I will get it all done.  Debate over taking my half hour break but decide that I’m just too tired and if I stop I don’t know if I’ll start again.

17.00pm – finish work for the day.  I’m hungry again.  No time to stop though, gotta get to the gym in time to get a bike for 6pm RPM.

17.30pm – get to the gym with plenty of time to spare, pick up my ticket and go get changed.  Run into a few people I know and say “hey”.

18.00pm – and so my hour of spinning begins.  Along with the voice in my head that asks me if we are done yet, tells me that this is really tough and taunts me with images of sushi, hot chips, burgers and jersey caramels.  Gotta love the voice that lives in your head!

19.00pm – i’m absolutely starving.  And for some reason I think that this is right time to go shopping for sushi and lollies.  Bad move.  I buy out what feels like the entire lolly aisle and as Coles didn’t have the Jersey Cows that I was really craving I decide to head into Woolworths to see if they do.  They do, so I buy them plus a few more things.

19.45pm – home now.  Completely and utterly starving.  My tummy thinks that my throat is cut.  Warm up dinner and sit down to watch the end of Masterchef.

20.30pm – can my day get any better?  I went to the gym, Chris got booted out of Masterchef (finally) and Rush is about to start.  What a fantastic day! 🙂

21.30pm – Rush is finished, I’m exhausted so it’s time to hit the sack me thinks.  Didn’t get any sewing done like I planned/wanted to but I did get a lot of other stuff done so it’s not all bad.

Night all 🙂


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