Too Ambitious

So it would seem that I was entirely too ambitious in thinking that I would have Stars in Court quilted or at the very least up to the layered stage by the end of the weekend.

I was still appliqueing the stars Friday night and continued all through Saturday – when I wasn’t running all over Adelaide buying stuff!

I had 2.5 stars left to applique today which I did this afternoon.

It was around 3pm when I was able to start sewing the blocks together to form the top.  It took me to 9.30pm to get to this stage:

Whilst I was sewing the top together I ‘leader endered’ the Bento Box quilt and got the top completely finished.

It finishes at 55.5′ square and I’ll bind it in the blue that’s in the centre of the squares.

Once I’ve finished Stars in Court I”ll layer the Bento Box, quilt it and finish it off.  It is going to be a wedding present for my Personal Trainer when he gets married in February.

I also started Stars & Pinwheels, they being the leader ender to finishing the Stars in Court top.

I really want to do this quilt so I thought if I do a little bit here and little bit there it would be ok and it was either this one or the Clothesline Quilt that Oh Frasson blogged about the other day.

The other quilt that I really really want to start is a version of Mary’s Hearts & Strings.

But I guess they will all just have to wait until I get a few more things finished.  My sewing room is getting waaaaayyyyy too messy 🙂

Ok, well, I better go.  I gotta tidy up and get stuff ready for the work week.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend.

Oh and btw, I bought some Needle Grip Its on the weekend to try and they are fantastic.  I have done heaps of appliquing on the stars over the last 2 days and I don’t even have a hole on my middle finger like I normally would as they have protected my finder from the needle.  I highly recommend them!


2 thoughts on “Too Ambitious

  1. You have to aim high! I never get through all I intend, but I’m always thinking about the next dozen projects, anyway! It’s just planning ahead 😉

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