Border Options

So I have 2 border options for Stars In Court and I think I know which one I prefer but though I’d post both options here to see what you guys think.

I will be binding it in a pink that is close to the background of the yellow stars.

I’ll let you know on the weekend which one I went with 🙂

Option A – Butterflies

Option B – Turtles

I was going to use the turtles for the backing but looking  at the pattern I see that it wants 2.2m which I know I don’t have.

What I have would have been enough if I had of stuck to my original plan of making it square and smaller than the pattern but at the last minute I went “what the heck! I’ll make it the same size as what they say…..”

However, I saw at Spotlight last weekend that they have it again but a shade darker so I might (ha! who am I kidding?) will mosey on down on the weekend with my current turtles and see how different they are.

I’ll also look in my sewing room to see if I have something suitable regardless, so that potentially I don’t have to buy any more fabric.

So votes please 🙂

Option A or Option B?

P.S – I didn’t buy the Jelly Roll ’cause it was going to cost $12 in shipping which I didn’t think was worth paying for.  And I could have bought more fabric to make it worth it but I couldn’t find anything else that ”talked” to me.

Good thing too cause I hit Target after work for some new jeans and ended up buying way more than I intended 😳


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