I Did It!

I’ve been a bit blah lately and haven’t seem to be motivated enough to do anything quilty.

That and I’ve had Snails Trails on the sewing machine for the past 3 weeks trying to get it finished.

However, I decided that I would actually finish the quilting and sew the binding onto the front this weekend no matter what!

Sure, I didn’t actually get anything else done; like washing my car or tidying the study but I did finish Snails Trails like I set out to do 🙂

My trouble is is that I easily get distracted when I’m quilting so it does tend to take me a bit longer to finish things than I plan!

Whilst I was quilting I was also tidying up and have now picked out some fabric for Stars & Pinwheels…

Don’t those colours look yummy?  I can’t wait to start on this quilt….

I also found 9 pieces of wadding already cut out for some placemats *groan*

Obviously at some point I cut these bits out for my next lot of placemats and have then convienently forgotten that I did that so when I did my last lot I cut the wadding out from my big bits again.

I’m now thinking that to get rid of the wadding, more placemats are in my future unfortunately 😥

So, that was my weekend.  How was yours?  Good I hope 🙂


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