2009: Finish #5.3

H is for Harry;

R is for Riley;

O is for Ollie;

My Mum had her partner’s eldest daughter, her husband and two children down (in Mt Gambier) at her house a few months ago.

And apparently they all sat down for dinner and the adults had their placemats but there weren’t any for the little ones – Harry and Riley.

Harry is 2 and Riley is nearly 1.

Ollie is their cousin and is a few months younger than Riley.

Of course, Riley has no idea about placemats and the like but Harry does and he asked where his placemat was.

-The thing this child says and does is funny as but that is an entirely different story altogether!-

Anyways, Mum told me the story and I was thinking about it and decided that it wouldn’t be all that hard to make him his own placemat.

So along with an extra 4 for Mum incase she has more visitors than placemats in the future I also made a H for Harry.

Apparently it was a real hit when he went down next.

The R and the O?  Well, we all know that you can’t make one child a placemat without making one for the others! 🙂

2009 list

  1. Blue Ladybirds – done 2/3/09
  2. Memories of Spring – done 23/3/09
  3. Blue Pinwheels – done 19/4/09
  4. Green Pineapple Blossoms – done 24/4/09
  5. 19 Placemats (4 Mum – done 13/5/09, 2 Xmas – done 29/6/09, 3 Boys – done 5/7/09, 8 Spare – done 6/6/09)
  6. Dorothy’s Quilt – done 9/6/09
  7. Berries for Breakfast
  8. Snail’s Trails
  9. Chelsea Steps
  10. It’s Puzzling
  11. Asian Hearts
  12. Galaxy of Scraps
  13. 9 Patch Medley
  14. Thousand Triangles
  15. Bento Box
  16. Stars in Court
  17. Kokeshi Dolls
  18. Choc Coconut Ice
  19. 12 placemats

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