Pottering Around

Grandma had Carpal Tunnel surgery yesterday so I’ve taken the Monday and Tuesday off so that I can look after her.

So I’ve been doing the little things around the house that she normally does and having to make sure that I do it exactly how she likes it.  Or else!

I’ve also been working on finishing the last of my placemats and have nearly finished them.  I’ll post some pics when they are finally done.

And then I’ve also decided to just quilt a few quilts to get them 1. off my list and 2. just done already 🙂

This one is called Snails Trails and I’m finding it hard to quilt as it is so big and chunky.

I’m very tempted to quit and bundle it up and ask someone else toquilt it however, I have  few more at this size and so really need to learn how to do it myself.

The size of  it makes me not want to sit there and do it purely on how long I know it will take to quilt so for the past week I’ve been doing a half hour here and a half hour there on it.

It is far from finished but I’m hoping that I will have a majority of it done before the end of today.

I hope you are all having a lovely day and are safe and warm out of this windy, chilly weather 🙂


3 thoughts on “Pottering Around

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