Quilting Dilemma

I’ve been working on this quilt for quite some time.

The pinwheels have been made as leader enders for quite a few of my already finished tops.

The half square triangles are 1.5′ unfinished and it seems like there are millions of them!  I thought I’d never get this quilt done!

However, the past week or so, I have been working on it and concentrating solely on finishing the top.


I have no idea.  I just feel like I want it finished and done.

*Edit: Wait!  I remember now.  I needed the box that I was holding it’s bits in for the next quilt that I have my eye on starting.  It’s Mary’s Pinwheels and Stars*

I’ve just finished the last stitch to bring it to a flimsy and will go and layer it when I’ve finished this post but I thought I’d quickly show you what I’m up to.

I am also a bit stuck on how to quilt it though, it has a ginormous amount of seams and if I do my normal meander I know I’ll have to ‘suffer’ through a lot of stunt quilting.

But I don’t have any other quilting methods up my sleeve to use.

Well, other than stitch in a ditch.

Which I have thought about and I was contemplating doing it on either side of the seams but then that leaves all the pinwheels without quilting and that won’t work either.


Do you guys have any ideas?


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