Making Progress

Mum and her partner were down this weekend as it was a long weekend and it is my ‘baby’ brother’s birthday tomorrow.

It was nice to hang with them and spend some more time with my Mum.

Mum asked to go shopping on Saturday at West Lakes and somehow a new handbag made it’s way home with my but it is super cute and has bling on it so I just could not resist.

Saturday night we went out to dinner for my brother’s birthday.

Sunday was pretty much spent at home and this morning I convinced them to take me out to breakfast.

We went to Evida which is my most favouritist breakfast place.  Good food, great coffee & fantastic views; what more could a girl want?

After breakfast it was time for Mum and her partner to leave and I got down the serious (:P) business of spending time at the sewing machine.

I’ve finished the day with the quilting and the binding sewn onto Dorothy’s Quilt and the same again for one of my Xmas Placemats so I feel like I’ve made some progress on my UFO list.

I’ve also managed to handsew down the letters for the next 2 boy’s placemats so all I have to do with them now is quilt them and bind them.

Then once they are done it’s just 1 more Xmas placemat left and I’m out of my Placemat Hell.

I can’t wait 🙂

Hope you all had a good long weekend.

I just wish it wasn’t so long to the next one…….


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