Spotlight Headsup…

Hey Guys

Just giving you a quick heads up for Spotlight.

I went down to my local one earlier today to pick up some more fabric for the back of the quilt that I made the other weekend and yesterday it was $5 a metre so I thought “that’s ok, I can deal with that”.

But, when I went throught the checkout it came down to $3/m!!!!

So, of course I bought more than what I went for.

In the end I got 7.60m for about $25.

Bargain hey?

The lady said that most of the fabrics that are on the reduced aisle are all going down one more notch.  So, the $8/m go to $5/m and the $5/m go to $3/m.

So, if you are after some cheap fabric for the backs of your quilts or even the fronts of your quilts get down to Spotlight 🙂


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