2009: Finish #5.1

At the moment Dad is down for a week to teach his thing on the weekends and spend time with us during the week.

So knowing that I would be spending a lot of time away from home  I made sure I had a lot of hand work to do so that I would be able to continue working on my list of things to do whilst spending time with him.

I’ve been working on these placemats for a few weeks and was very happy when I put the final stitch on the binding of the last one.

There are four of these placemats all identical and they match the four that Mum currently has.

2009 list

  1. Blue Ladybirds – done 2/3/09
  2. Memories of Spring – done 23/3/09
  3. Blue Pinwheels – done 19/4/09
  4. Green Pineapple Blossoms – done 24/4/09
  5. 19 Placemats (4 Mum – done 13/5/09, 2 Xmas, 3 Boys, 8 Spare)
  6. Berries for Breakfast
  7. Snail’s Trails
  8. Chelsea Steps
  9. It’s Puzzling
  10. Asian Hearts
  11. Galaxy of Scraps
  12. 9 Patch Medley
  13. Thousand Triangles
  14. Bento Box
  15. Stars in Court

*note: this was written on 23/5/09 but posted on the 13/5/09 as that is when I actually finished the placemats!


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