(pic from Inspired Stitches weekend, completely unrelated to this post)

I surrender!

For once I’m not going to be able to finish what I’ve started….

Whilst at work today I had been thinking about how many pineapples I was going to piece, how big I was going to make it and whether I should really be starting a new project.

Tonight when I got home I went straight to the sewing room to continue working on my pineapples.

It took me quite a few hours and a bit of unstitching before I could finish 2 more.

Now that I’ve done a few more I’ve decided not to continue with it.  I really don’t have the patience for them unfortunately.  That and I find I’m wasting a lot of thread starting and finishing each piece.

So now I have 3 5.5″ pineapple blocks and no idea of what to do with them.

It’s a shame that I don’t like paper piecing as I’ve noticed on a few blogs some log cabin paper pieced quilts (3″ finished blocks) that look gorgeous and I was hoping one day to do one as well.

So, I might put the idea to the side and come back to it in a few year’s time 😛


2 thoughts on “Uncle!

  1. Kelly – I am with you……I don’t like paper piecing…..it looks great and is something I think I should like …..and I have tried it a few times and I just don’t really like it!……I love the pineapple blocks you have done and I think they would look great as mini/dolly quilts.

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