Well, I know that I need a new project like I need a hole in my head but….

I came away from Inspired Stitches really inspired about doing my craft but the idea of finishing something off just bores my to tears although to be fair, I felt that way about finishing my projects before I went to Inspired Stitches.

My dolls are coming along and I have nearly finished the second one so I’m really happy with them.

I’m going to Brighton on the weekend so I’ll pop into Patchwork by the Sea and get some fabric for the border and then pop into one of those craft stores for a blank canvas and Bunnings for a staple gun and I’ll be set for that one to be done.

I’ll also grab some dowel whilst I’m at Bunnings to put behind my Berries for Breakfast to make it not so wavy when it hangs on the wall.

Then I’ll have to work out what to do with the dolls.  I don’t really need another wall hanging so I’m thinking I’ll give it away.

A lot of the girls at work like it so perhaps one of them will want to take it home to live with them?

This is a photo of outside my house Tuesday morning.  I stepped outside to leave to go to work and I was amazed at how beautiful and clear the sky was.  Especially given that the last 4 days the sky has been the darkest of dark greys laden with all that rain.

It was a beautiful drive in to work that morning with the sun shining.

This is a photo of the box that holds all my fabric for my Butterfly Garden.

Which I am inspired to work on, especially cause now I know how to make all the tricky blocks but unfortunately, I’m not motivated enough to do the work.  So for now, that too will wait for me to get to it.

The theory with the box was was that I would put all my favourite fabric into it along with all the fabric that I bought specially for this quilt so I could find it all easily and it wouldn’t get used for other projects.

Unfortunately, me being lazy and all, it has become a bit of a dumping ground for all the fabric that I’ve finished with but haven’t managed to get around to putting it away.  I think I’ll work on that on the weekend….

Soooo, I guess I haven’t distracted you enough from the mention of the new quilt and I should now confess to it?

Well, it isn’t entirely all my fault…

I was ready Bonnie’s blog and she mentioned how she had been getting requests for a pattern for the pineapple blocks that she had been making and gave a link to a 6″ paper pieced version that people could use.

And there is a pattern that I want to do in one of the latest AP&Q’s that has paper piecing so I thought I’d print it out and give it a go…..

And now, I’m stuck.

I’ve made this one block and I really like it but it took a while to make just this one block and as I said I need to start a new project like I need a frog in my sock.

And I also don’t know the next step from here.  Do I remove the paper and then sew another one next to it?  Do I leave the paper in and then sew another next to it?  What happens when I sew through the 2 layers of paper plus the fabric?

So, you can see my dilemma.

Anyways, I have rambled disjointedly enough for one night I think so I’m going to call it a night.

And you know what?

Tomorrow is Friday which means that 1. It’s payday 😀 and 2. The weekend is right around the corner,which is nearly but not quite, better 🙂



2 thoughts on “Cute!

  1. I love starting things! It’s my favourite thing to do. I would take the paper off before joining two blocks together. Not that I have ever done any paper piecing. That’s just how I would do it. Lol! Aren’t you glad I answered your question? (With no authority whatsoever!) Hope your Friday zips by and the weekend goes forever!

  2. Hi Kelly
    Make sure the block is trimmed to size, tear away all the papers, and then you can start sewing the blocks together.

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