Inspired Stitches

Oh My Goodness!

What a weekend I had!

For those that have been reading along you know that I was booked in to go to the Inspired Stitches weekend that Sarah was organising.

Late Friday night I was perusing my Bloglines and noticed that Granny Loz was on her way, so I commented that I was going to be there too and hoped to see here there.

However, as I had no idea of what she looked like I didn’t know if it was going to happen.

So after lining up and getting in to the room on Saturday morning I choose a table at random and sat down.  Imagine my suprise when I realise that she was sitting right across from me!

Shortly after that,  I worked out that Leanne was on my right.  I also had Kris, Marc, Dawn at my table.  On the another couple of tables we had Val, ClaireAmanda, Tessa and Adele.

It was real bloggy meet and an absolute honour to meet all them all.

So combine meeting all of these wonderful ladies that previously I had only read about with actually seeing Melly, Rosie, Leanne and Janelle in ‘real life’ I was just a bit blogstruck!

After reviewing the projects offered I choose to do Melly’s Kokeshi Dolls which looked really cute.

I got the first doll done by the end of the weekend so now I have to finish the next 2 quick smart cause apparently the iron on will disappear in a few months and if it isn’t done by then it will be “too bad, so sad!”

I got to see Butterfly Garden in real life:

And with all the new skills that I learnt on the weekend I reckon I can now do /finish mine without having to do anymore “cheating”.

I bought some patterns and drooled over ones yet to be released:

I had a great time and can’t wait for the next one 🙂


5 thoughts on “Inspired Stitches

  1. It was a fabulous weekend wasn’t it. Looking forward to next year now. Must get to and finish some of the projects but first clean out the sewing room.

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