Boring Quilting

At work on my lunch break today I finished the binding on Pineapple Blossoms.  It went really quick cause I kind of cheated when I sewed it on.

I really only had enough material to do a 2′ binding instead of my normal 2.5′ which I normally do for my quilts but hey whatever stops me buying more fabric right?

So, it seems like it was a blink of an eye that this quilt finished itself.

But you know how I feel about labels so… it is now sitting still labeless on my couch in the sewing room waiting patiently to be finished tomorrow 🙂

Tonight I worked on quilting the next 8 placemats and then did some handsewing on the ones that are nearly finished.

I am sooooo over placemats it’s not even funny.

Please stop me next time before I even think about starting some more!

Thank you for you comment about what to take on the weekend.  I too was headed in the “rent the truck and take everything” direction as well.

But then I thought I might just email the organiser about what to take and a few other questions just to double check and apparently we don’t need to take our sewing machines as the weekend is all about handwork.

So I think we shall have to see how the weekend goes….

I just assumed that it was going to be like a sit and sew where you take your own things and sit and chat with people whilst you do so instead of sitting in a room by yourself watching tv for 48 hours.

Wait!  What?  That’s just me on my weekends??? Lol 😛

So, it’s now made it easier for me to work out what to take.

I’ll take my placemats that I’ve yet to hand bind, the boy’s placemats and my hexagons – just in case 🙂

p.s – Kellie is holding a workshop in August for her latest pattern where you will learn how to make one of the cushions.  How much fun would that be to go?

Oh well, whilst I would love to go I don’t think it would be feasible for me, perhaps next time.

Doesn’t stop you guys though!


2 thoughts on “Boring Quilting

  1. Kellie says if we can convince a shop to bring her over, she’ll do one here. I’ll be mentioning it next time I’m at Riverlea!

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