Decisions, Decisions…


Quilt Camp is in

*hang on, counting on fingers; 1, 2, 3!*

3 sleeps!  Yippee!!

I am getting really excited but the planner in me is totally freaking out.

What do I take?  Knowing me as I do I’ll take everything I’ve taken 1 stitch on which will be waaaay too much and I’ll need to hire a truck to haul all my stuff to quilt camp.

And then I’ll be terribly embarrassed cause I’ll be the only one there with so much stuff.


What am I going to take?

I am definitely taking Butterfly Garden cause you know, that alone will keep me busy for the whole weekend.  Then to throw in a leader ender I’ll take my 2′ and 3.5′ squares.  Then to save me from boredom I think I’ll take A Thousand Triangles, Bento Box and Asian Hearts.  Perhaps as well I’ll take the boys’ placemats to finish appliqueing the letters on.

Too much?

Gah!  I have no idea.

Please tell me if it’s too much or not enough.  I need help 🙂


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