Quickest Quilt Ever

Well, as you know from my post on the 29th March I started my Green Pineapple Blossom…..

On the 9th April I finished it to the hand binding stage.

Now, granted it is only a baby sized quilt but…. I think that is the shortest amount of time that I have ever taken to piece and quilt a quilt.

I didn’t fuss about the back, which looks awesome btw – will post a pic when fully finished – didn’t fuss about whether I was doing the quilting right.  I just went and did it!

Here it is with the finished blocks but not sewn together or quilted:

I’m loving this 4 day weekend thing.  I only wish that we had more of them!

I’m getting so much done in terms of sewing, unfortunately not so much in the way of homework or assignments…

But!  A girl’s gotta have priorities right?

Today I made my Mum’s partner’s daughter’ son (my Mum’s step grandson I guess you would call him) a placemat.

He is about 2 and when they were down at my Mum’s house apparently he wondered where his placemat was – Mum has 4 placemats and with the 4 adults he didn’t get one.

So I started making Mum another 4 to match her current 4 but was then thinking about it and decided to personalise a placemat just for him.  I’ve made it with racing cars and a H for his first name.

I started and finished it today.  It took about 4 hours all up.  Mum and her partner seemed really pleased with it (it was a total surprise).

I think he’ll like it.

The first thing Mum said though was: “Can you do an R as well?”  His baby brother’s name starts with R and he also has a baby cousin O so, it looks like I’ll have another 2 placemats to do but as they are only baby babies there’s no hurry on them 🙂

I might cut out the pieces though and then let the idea of cutting out an R and an O intimidate me for awhile, at least until I get sick of them sitting over my head until I just do them as well!

I’ve also been working on my hexagons and have managed to dig a hole in my middle finger where I push the needle through.  I’ve tried using thimbles but they get in the way so I may have to take a break for a few days (and do my homework!).

It’s really coming along though and I can’t wait for it to be done!

I’m going to have tonnes of hexagons left over though and I have no idea of what I’m going to do with them.

Oh well, it’s late, I’m rambling.  It’s time for bed.

I hope everyone had a happy Easter and had a great day 😀


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