And Another One

Well, to my surprise the next post that I thought I’d write and the one that I’ve been writing in my head isn’t this one.

I thought I’d be talking about the quilt that I’ve finally just finished binding and had just put a label onto.  This is the last ufo that I have from 2005.

I also didn’t realise that I had been quilting for 4 years until I look  up my Quilts Made page.  Wow.  4 years.  Where on earth does time go?

I also thought that I’d be talking about the placemats that I had finished quilting and all I had to do was to hand bind the binding to finish them for my Mum.


There is a girl at work that is currently pregnant ~18 weeks if I remember correctly and I have been thinking/midly stressing about what quilt to make for the baby.

I can’t make another Green Ladybirds as I don’t have enough of the green border fabric left and can’t find another suitable fabric that calls to me.

I could make another Easy Double 4 Patch as it is nice and easy to make however, I do have more than a weekend to make it so that’s out too.

All my other ideas weren’t quite working and I was getting myself in a tizz.

And I want it in green as although at this stage she doesn’t know what she is having – although, I think she is having a girl – I didn’t and don’t want to make a pink or blue predominant quilt.

Until today, when I was in Spotlight looking around.

I had a lightbulb moment….

Why not look at the patterns I have at home?

Well, I looked through all of them and disregarded most of them.  I had it narrowed down to Heaven Scent but I’d change the colours and make it smaller, or perhaps a different log cabin pattern, or perhaps I could change the Thousand Triangles around and make the sashings green instead of the planned blue fabric.

But they all didn’t thrill me.

And then I remembered that JulieKQuilts had done Bonnie Hunter’s Pineapple Blossom purely in pink and although I do want to do one in pink I just want to do the pattern so….

I started one in green! 😀

I only want it to be about the same size as the Green Ladybirds (43′ x 39′) so I am thinking at this stage with a 9.5′ block I’ll be doing 4 x5 blocks.

So I’m hoping that when I get a bit more time I’ll be able to deliver the post that is still in my head once I have attached the label to my quilt as it is taking up space and making me feel bad for not doing it this weekend!

Thanks for your comments about the paper.  It seems the consesus is split between leaving it in until it is all done or taking them out as you go once the hexagon is surrounded.

I’m not too sure which way I’ll jump.  At this stage I think I’ll leave them in a bit longer and when I do, I’ll only take a few out until I see that it’s going to be ok 🙂

Hope you all had a lovely weekend 🙂


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