Paper Piecing Question

Good Evening Oh Wise Ones 🙂

I have a question for all of you…….

I have a few gazillion hexagons in my house and pretty soon there is going to be no room for me or Grandma as they are sloooowly multipling and taking up all the space in the house….


But seriously, I do have a few thousand – seriously! – and am now slowly putting them together to make something bigger now that I’ve found a pattern that I like.

It was either that or throw them out in a fit of pique cause I was sick of them and just wanted it done or gone.

Get to the question Kelly…..

At what point do I start to take the paper out?

Some of the girls at work have decided that I need to wash it and then hope that the paper will just then dissolve and also hope that it doesn’t  all fall apart.

Of course, I told them what they could do with that idea!  Cheeky buggas!

It is currently looking like this:

And will eventually *sigh* eventually look like this:

It is shaping up to be absolutely huge so I’m thinking I’m going to start saving now for the batting, backing and cost of quilting.

I look forward to hearing your answers 🙂


5 thoughts on “Paper Piecing Question

  1. Wow, – this will be wondeful. I have only just started on hexagons, – maybe I should stop before I have hundreds or thousands lying about 🙂
    Do you plan to quilt by hand or machine?

    I have just started to join some of mine, and I remove the paper of a patch as soon as all 6 edges have been sewn. Don’t know if this is the “right” way or not, – just applying common sense, I guess. The paper is a bit stiff, so cannot fold the patches properly till the paper is out.


  2. If the pattern is all hexagons which I think it is including the green inner and outer borders then I think it will be ok to take some of the papers out of the middle as you go along, however this will make it harder to keep all the seems where you want them and more difficult to press them into position at the end. If the border are pieced then I would leave all the papers in as long as possible so it will sit nice and flat and make it easier to measure them before taking the papers out.

  3. I take the paper out after I have them sewn into the first “flower” shape, one hexagon surrounded by 6 other hexagons. I hope that’s right! Someone stop me now if I’m wrong!
    Your quilt is going to be beautiful! How is is going to be quilted?

  4. When I used to do paper-piecing, I found that although removing them once all surrounding seams had been done provided a break in tasks and meant the templates could be re-used, it does mean the seam allowances get messy.

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