2009: Finish #1

So with the end of the FBT year coming up work has become extra super busy along with TAFE starting and me actually going to the gym means that I’m not getting all that much sewing done unfortunately 😦

It frustrates me no end that I have soo much to do but not enough time to do any of it and whilst I have been taking stuff to hand sew with me a lot of it is to be done on the machine.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom (thankfully!)

This weekend is a long weekend here in Adelaide so whilst I have been wasting time and pretending to do my homework and assignments I have also taken time out to finish quilting and sewing the binding onto the Blue Pinwheels and I also finished hand binding Green Ladybirds.

Then ’cause my Mum is was down this weekend we went and visited her friend that the quilt is for and she loved it.  Apparently it will match the nursery perfectly.

Another girl at work is pregnant too and I’m thinking that I’ll either make another one of these for her, although it is a lot of fiddling around or I’ll just do a quick and easy ‘double four patch’ like I did the other month for my other friend.

We’ll see how I go……

So now, I have to hand sew the binding on the Blue Pinwheels and memories of spring and the next quilt to quilt is Snails Trails.  After that, I will be finishing those blasted placemats and the second Berries for Breakfast.

2009 list

  1. Memories of Spring
  2. Berries for Breakfast
  3. Blue Ladybirdsdone 2/3/09
  4. 16 Placemats
  5. Blue Pinwheels
  6. Snail’s Trails
  7. Chelsea Steps
  8. It’s Puzzling
  9. Asian Hearts
  10. Galaxy of Scraps
  11. 9 Patch Medley
  12. Thousand Triangs
  13. Bento Box

One thought on “2009: Finish #1

  1. I love it!! a perfect nursery quilt. I admire u posting a list of goals. I used to and at times it would inspire me but then Id drift off and start something new!!!
    Take care
    Rose xxx

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