Block Girl

So I’ve had quite a busy weekend this Valentine’s Weekend.

I’m currently single so it was slightly sucky however, things are only what you make them so I made sure it was action packed!

Yesterday I went to the gym bright and early and did Attack and then RPM making up time at the gym cause I couldn’t go Wed or Thurs due to a slight cold.

Then I ran to spotlight to pick up some more fabric for the new quilt that I started last weekend and typically they didn’t have the fabric that I started it with so I bought a new pink.  I also bought some yellows for the other part of that quilt and some beige flowers.

Then I ran home had lunch and then headed out to look at some bicycles.

This is what I ended up with:

It is a 2008 Sub Lime 1 bike.  It’s a proper road bike which I’m a bit scared of however, for where I think I’m going to be going in the next couple of years.  Time will tell.

The most important thing about this bike is that it will fit into my car which my current one doesn’t do.

Then I headed to Royal Copenhagen for an ice cream and decided I was bored so I rang my hairdresser in Brighton and she squished me in.

I now have shoulder length hair and it’s the shortest that it’s ever been since I was 21!  I love it 🙂

Then I spent last night putting more machine time into my Red Rover quilt.

Today was more chilled.

I went to yoga, caught up with my brother and finised the Red Rover quilt top:

I nearly got my Bento Box quilt top finished as well but I ran out of time as I still had to have dinner, tidy my room and calibrate my Nike+.

Oh well, it will go on next weekend’s list.

Hope you all had a good weekend 😀


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