Long Time, No See

Wow!  Just where has time gone?

Well since the last post I feel like so much has happened.  But at the same time, it’s still all the same…

I have a new job.  I love it.  I don’t dread going to work and I don’t wake up hoping that I’m sick so that I can stay home either.

They think that I’m great and I find the work challenging, interesting and it definitely keeps me busy.

Which is good except for the fact that I can no longer do my hexagons at work but really when I’m this happy with my job I can live with that!

I have been reading all your blogs though and am constantly inspired by everyone’s work.

I’ve also been reading about an idea where you choose 12 of your projects, asign them a number and then work on that one project to finish for that month.

Now, I’m really interested in this idea however, I’m not sure about how I’ll go with one project/month as often I work on a few at a time.

But, at the same time I have so much going on just in my creative life that it’s all starting to stress me out so I’m going to aim to finish some.

So here’s my list:

  1. Memories of Spring
  2. Berries for Breakfast
  3. Blue Ladybirds
  4. 16 Placemats
  5. Blue Pinwheels
  6. Snail’s Trails
  7. Chelsea Steps
  8. It’s Puzzling
  9. Asian Hearts
  10. Galaxy of Scraps
  11. 9 Patch Medley
  12. Thousand Triangs
  13. Bento Box

Now, I know that I have 13 on the list but that is all that I have on the move at the moment.

Well…. I do tell a lie.  I do have another one half done, it’s a pattern from Mary called Red Rover and it’s nearly done but I thought I would be pushing it to put in on a list of 12!

I do have 2 or 3 in my head as well that I want to do and most if not all on the list just have to be quilted, bound and labelled.

Here is my list of wants:

  1. Pink & Yellow Quilt
  2. Pink Pineapple Blossom
  3. Blue Pineapple Blossom

And then that doesn’t include my Butterfly Garden, hexagon quilt or the other 2 3 4 don’t know how many I have cut out from a few years ago.

Hmmm, and I thought I was good at finishing things off??

Yeah right!

Oh well, I’ll go and have a sleep on it and get started on working on crossing off this list tomorrow 🙂


One thought on “Long Time, No See

  1. Glad to see you back! You have been missed! Good luck with your goals for the year…..Im sure you will get lots crossed off your list! Well done on the new job and how great your loving it…..thats wonderful!
    Hugs xxx

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