Back Again!


Wow, so it’s been a whole month (give or take a few days) since I last posted.  It seems like a whole lot more but looking at the dates that’s correct.

I have been just insanely busy with tafe and the gym that I just haven’t had time to do anything else 😦

However, it has now all settled down and I finally have some time to myself.

Before I start showing the eye candy, I’ll give a few highlights of the last month:

  • I passed both essays and got a pass for a subject at tafe.  3 more to go and I’ve then got a Cert 4 in Finance
  • I’ve recently had blood tests to see if there is a reason for my tiredness and apparently there isn’t.  I’m normal…. well, as normal as I normally am anyways!
  • I’ve taken a whole RPM class whilst being filmed and have to send it off to be certified.
  • I’ve spent a whole tonne of money at the dentist, getting the car service and also buying new tyres.  All I could think about when signing for it all was:  “do you know how much fabric I could have bought????”
  • Failed a test for tafe for another subject but thought that I would cause I just didn’t have time to study for it.  It’s ok though, cause I’ll be able to resit it next term.


  • I’ve got a new job!!!!!  Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.  Starts this Thursday and I can’t wait! 😀

Ok, so getting into the quilty bits.  I haven’t had time to do much really but here are some photos of what I have done:

Snail’s Trails

I found the pattern for this quilt on someone’s blog and decided that I too had to make it and so, here it is:

It has another border on it but that was put on after this photo.  It’s sitting in the bag with backing, wadding and binding.  Just have to pin and quilt it.

Memories of Spring

Don’t have a photo of this one quilted however at the moment.  The lovely Tara has just finished quilting it for me and it turned out beautifully.  I’ve also sewed the binding on it by machine so now just have to hand sew it down.

Berries for Breakfast

I was looking at Tara’s quilting for another customer that she did with a gold metallic thread and that along with how Tara had quilted densley(sp?) around some part of my Memories of Spring quilt to make the flowers poof into 3D stayed in the back of my head.

Then when I next visited Quiltaholics for the backing for Snails Trails, I saw their metallic threads but didn’t really think much else.  Driving away, my brain started working and I was then back the next day buying the thread and had the idea of how I wanted to quilt it.

Four hours later, it was quilted and I then sewed the binding down and hand sewed between the squares whilst I was at work on Saturday.

I’m really liking how it turned out and I’m glad I changed my mind on how to quilt it.

Here is a better picture of the quilting and you can also see how the applique poofs up too.

It’s Puzzling

I saw this pattern in the latest AP&Q and fell in love with it when I saw it.  I have been trying to avoid starting it but once I finished Berries for Breakfast it just really started talking to me.  So this picture is the result of last night’s work and all of today as well.  I thought I might give this one away when I’ve finished it but right now, I’m in love so I don’t think it’s going anywhere!!

Grandma can’t understand why I’m starting another quilt and doesn’t understand what I mean when I say that it is talking to me, but it does!!

I’ve already decided I’m going to buy 2 reels of multi-coloured metallic thread to quilt this one with.  I’ve also bought the backing today ($3/m – bargain) and have a choice of 3 binding materials – I just couldn’t make up my mind!

And that’s about it.

So now that I’ve updated here I’m off to watch some tv and I promise it won’t be so long ’til my next blog!

Hope you all had a good weekend 😀


7 thoughts on “Back Again!

  1. Welcome back! I was only thinking last night you’d been unusually quiet! I love the Berries for Breakfast; well done on the quilting!

  2. Good to hear that you are enjoying TAFE. I love your your pics.Your applique looks great. Hope you do well with the next round of exams. Will be passsing by your blog again.

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