I had the weekend off this weekend (yay!) and believe me I needed it.  For some reason this week just went down from about Tuesday on.  Nothing I can really put my finger on but by the time I finished work at 16.10 on Friday I was just glad it was all over.

I talked myself into going to the gym after work on Friday however, they had moved the 5pm Pump class to 6pm and hadn’t really advertised it and I just didn’t feel like hanging around for an hour to do RPM so I was slightly disappointed but really it kind of had a fitting end to the week.

Although, if I had of known that I would have gone to a different gym but you know, nothing I can do about it now and tomorrow is a brand new week 🙂

Saturday I went to the hairdresser as I felt like a pick me up and I had regrowth so it was an opportune time to go.  I just wanted some more streaks but looking at it now I think that my hairdresser has a mission to make me a complete blonde before Summer!

Whilst I was there I asked about her b’day and found that it is in October and I felt like making a quilt for her and asked about her favourite colours.  She told me tan’ish’ and also likes Moroccan and I had been looking at this Snails Trails pattern which what do you know….it’s in tan’ish’ colours!

Fate!  So I hurried on down to Spotlight and started it this weekend.  Naughty naughty 👿

I remember somewhere where I said that I wouldn’t buy any fabric that wasn’t to finish off something I already had or another project until I finished what I had already started.  Yeah right!

As it rained most of Saturday I just sat and sewed and sewed and sewed.

Today I did a dash to Foodland to stock up on essentials and I also started my essay for a TAFE subject that I’ve decided to do externally.


I hate writing essays.

So far I have:

  • a title page
  • a contents page
  • headers and footers
  • and I have typed up the list of questions that I have to address in the report

Tonnes of progress….not 😛

Effectively, it looks pretty but it has no actual substance….

I have Wed and Thurs off this week as well so I’ll try to get more done on it then.  I’ve also got to practice RPM before Wed night.

I think I need more hours in a day or perhaps more days on a weekend.  Does anyone know how to do this yet?  If so, please tell me 🙂

Cause I have like a thousand things that I need to do with not nearly enough time to do it in – and that’s just in my sewing room!!!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend 😀


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