August 08 Goals

Since I am feeling just a tad overwhelmed and I felt a sense of success once I completed the 5 4 goals that I published in July I thought I’d post another list of goals for August.

  1. Doreen’s Hearts – 1 heart per day
  2. Asian Pinwheels – finish hand binding + label
  3. Blue Pinwheels – get to hand binding stage (pin, quilt, sew binding on)
  4. Doll Quilt #3 – finish completely (quilt, sew binding on, hand quilt)
  5. Green Ladybirds – get to quilting stage (pin)
  6. Berries for Breakfast – finish hand quilting the border and lattice
  7. Snails Trails – get to flimsy stage if the mood strikes


Optional extras:

  1. Galaxy of Scraps – finish to flimsy stage
  2. Thousand Triangles – sew half square triangles together to form blocks

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