Making Progress

Howdy all 🙂

Thanks for all of your help with the quilting question. I googled it as well and I found a page that says to make a small knot (at the back) a little way out from the back of the quilt and then you sew it into the batting. Hmm, I think I’ll post the link – go here for a better explanation! – cause that just didn’t make sense, even to me!

I am making progress on it but I’ve started in soooo many places I just want to sit down for a week and finish it now! Funny thing is is that I started doing this so I would have something to take with me to when I go to TAFE and also when I visit my Nanna.

I’ve hand quilted around the shapes and then I’ve also started to quilt a grid 2′ apart which you can see in this photo.

The grid is turning up better than the quilting around the shapes which I’m finding a bit disappointing but I guess it will all turn out in the end 🙂 And if it turns out too terrible I’ll just give it away and make myself another one!

And that’s about it from me today. I’m off to finish watching the Farmer wants a Wife and drink my Milo (yum!).

Mindless facts for the day:

  • someone found my blog by searching for ginger > cute bum (I know 🙄 right?????)
  • a 200g bag of crispy M&Ms has 980 calories ❗

2 thoughts on “Making Progress

  1. Your quilting is looking great!!! I just love hand quilting, but yes the machines make is quicker and easier, which is how i need to work thesedays!!!
    I loved the Farmer takes a wife, go Rob and Jo!!!
    Hugs xxx

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