Quick Question

Ok, so a quick question for all you knowledgeable and wise people…..

I’ve started hand quilting Berries for Breakfast and am slowly realising that it is going to take me days months years more time than I thought it would.  I seems that sewing machines have been invented for a reason! 🙂

Anyways, so back to the question.  I know how to start it off, how do I finish it?

I have a few loose threads around cause I don’t know how to finish them properly.

Any help would be much appreciated 😀


3 thoughts on “Quick Question

  1. Far from expert here, but after my “last” stitch on a piece of thread (I try to have my last thread be at the edge of the quilt or at a seam.) at a seam, I stick the needle into the seam, but not through to the back & push it as far as I can without going through to the back. I then pull back up to the front & take the needle off of the thread. I pull the thread a bit & snip it at the base neat the quilt top. When I then flatten the top , it falls back into the batting.

    If I make it to the edge, I tie a knot in it (in the batting). These knots will be covered by the binding.

    I start the quilting with a thread that only has a single knot & I try to “pop” it into the batting – that does not always happen, but it is the goal. (If I am starting at the edge, I don’t worry so much as that will be covered by the binding.)

  2. Have you had a look on our group at some of the photos of hand quilting? You can choose the large size photo and see quite close up …also cabn you photograph the picture in the magazine and load it up and magnify it?

  3. Hey there Kelly
    Make a knot in your thread about 1cm away from your last stitch, pop your needle into the fabric as if you were to take another stitch, but don’t go thru to the back, bring your needle up again about 1.5cm away from the stitch and pop the knot into the batt.
    Hope this helps

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