Wee Hee!!

So life has been just a bit crazy over here at casa di Ginger!

There’s been the normal work gym stuff happening and lately as well I’ve had to learn my tracks for RPM so that I can learn how to teach them.

I think I’m due for a holiday soon 🙂

However, I did manage to take time out yesterday and go to quilt class with Tazzie. I was excited as I hadn’t been for ages and have been missing the quilt shop lately.

Whilst I was there I worked on another baby quilt, another doll quilt – I take 5 things as I never know what I’ll want to work on. I also took Berries for Breakfast.

The girls at quilt class absolutely loved it and 3 even bought the magazine cause they saw me working on it! 1 also bought the fabric to make it. I told Tazzie I should get commission (joking :P)

So after quilt class I took a quick pit stop to Spotlight to buy some white beads for the butterflies eye and then came home and worked at it all night until all the applique was done. Then whilst I was waiting for my Mum to arrive I started cutting up the squares for the border.

Then, this afternoon I sewed them all together and then put the borders onto the main bit. I was a bit long on the border for the top and bottom so I trimmed those squares which you can see on the left hand side but I don’t think anyone is going to notice unless I point it out!

Now I need to work out how I’m going to quilt it. I think I’ll machine sew around the white bit in a ditch with the machine and the outside of the border as well and then practice my handquilting and hand quilt around the shapes and in the squares. I’m also thinking of hand quilting a lattice like pattern in the background.

Can’t wait to find time to do this. Perhaps Sunday????


4 thoughts on “Wee Hee!!

  1. what a beautiful little quilt, ‘wee, hee’, indeed. I love the happy colors, and what could not be wonderful with a bird and a butterfly and flowers.

  2. Wow its wonderful and Kirstin will be thrilled….did you see she mentioned you had bought the magazine? I must confess I did too! Was it all from scraps cause I was pleased to think I could get away with using stuff from my stash…or better still actual scraps!

  3. You have worked so fast! It’s looks great. I’m really happy that you and your friends like the design 🙂
    How’s the quilting going?

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