Quilty Content

Finally! I have some quilty stuff to show you all; took me long enough!!

Mostly, what I’ve done is to do with the Challenge that Peg set where you make a list of 5 things that you want to do in July.

Although, I do have to ask….

When a girl has enough quilts started and planned to last her to the next millenium what is she to do? Well, the right answer is that she starts a new project!

This one is a wallhanging pattern from the latest edition of Quilter’s Companion made and designed by Two Lime Leaves and I’ve wanted to make it since I saw it on her blog. I bought the magazine on Friday, daydreamed about starting it, made a side trip to Patchwork by the Sea for some fabric on the way home from the Baby Shower on the way home and to the Surprise 30th Birthday Party.

Seriously considered ditching the party so that I could start it, but then went under duress!

So, I’ve been working on it today along with Memories of Spring…

But here’s a progress pic to start with for the wall hanging – Berries for Breakfast it’s called…

So, when it’s done I thought that I’d machine stitch the main bits in place and then learn how to hand quilt and then hand quilt around the applique, put the swirls in and the kriss crosses on the border squares.

I’ve also finished appliquéing on the butterflies on Memories of Spring (thank god!) and it looks just gorgeous (pic at the top of the post). I’m glad I took the time out to do the applique. So it is now all bundled up with backing fabric and wadding ready to go to the quilt shop for Tazzie to work her magic on it 😀

It’s funny. I got my Mum to hold up my quilts this weekend (she was down for the weekend to spend time with Grandma) and she couldn’t get over the fact that you aren’t supposed to peak your face over the top of the quilt!!

Here she is!!

This quilt is the one that I finished for the Baby Shower this weekend. My friend loved it and was happy to learn that I can squiggle quilt quilts as she apparently has one that she’d like done…

One of my Mum’s friends caught up with her this weekend as well and she is apparently turning 60 next year, so before she came over I warned Mum that she better not promise her a quilt for her birthday! Mum’s terrible for doing that. However, I have now said that as long as she pays for it all and chooses an easy pattern I’ll do it.

Our next door neighbour – the one that has been looking after me and Grandma these past few weeks – has her birthday on Monday so yesterday I gave her Heart Love as a present for her birthday as well as to say thank you.

And last but not least I’ve also managed to find time to finish the borders for Blue Pinwheels. It is looking really pretty. Thanks for all the help and suggestions for the borders! Mum likes it but did suggest that I give it to my brother so that he had a matching lap quilt. He then turned around at that suggestion, scoffed and went: “A lap quilt, am I 90?” He’s a shocker!! So I’ve bought some wadding and will quilt it perhaps in August.

Ok, ok, enough rambling.

To finish though, I’ll post my 5 in July list and update it:

  1. Memories of Spring (applique 3 butterflies) – done
  2. Easy Double 4 Patch (finish hand binding) – done
  3. Blue Pinwheels (attach borders to flimsy stage) – done
  4. Asian Pinwheels (finish hand binding)
  5. Green Ladybirds (attach binding – machine & hand) – done

Unfortunately, it’s back to work tomorrow but I do hope everyone had a good weekend 🙂


6 thoughts on “Quilty Content

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  3. Wow you have been busy and I see you did buy the fabric for berries…..see next post’s comment. So much going on and funny mum peeking over the quilt…my hubby would do that too! Your neighbour/ helper sure looks pleased too.

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