A Day In My Life: 16 July 2008

Ok, so I’m backdating this one too!! I am such a slacker…..

8.30am – wake up. why is it that when I’m on holidays or have the time to sleep in it’s the last thing that I do?? Go to the computer and read some blogs and emails.

9.00am – go to the study where my spin bike is and try to learn the 4th track for tonight. Manage to do 3 tracks before I get side tracked.

9.20am – gma isn’t feeling well as she couldn’t get to sleep so took one too many sleeping pills and now she isn’t feeling well. Make her breakfast and also make mine. Read a few more blogs.

10.30am – finish reading blogs – oops, I really did mean to learn my song! Oh well, later today… Get off the couch and have a shower.

11.40am – finish getting ready and leave home for my Bowen Therapy appointment.

12.00noon – arrive for my Bowen Therapy appointment and look forward to being out of pain from where I overdid it at the gym on Wednesday.

12.45pm – ahhh much better! Ok, off to Arndale for a coffee đŸ˜€

13.30pm – back home with my coffee. Decide to make spaghetti bolognese for lunch and then when I get home later tonight after the gym I’ll toast my ham and cheese sandwhich then.

14.30pm – finish making the spaghetti and eating it. It was yummy! Decide to kill half hour on the computer.

15.00pm – ok, now I really have to learn my song! Change into my gym clothes, get my ipod ready and hop onto the bike.

15.20pm – ack, am sick of learning the song. Think I’ve done enough to get through tonight. Get back onto the computer and internet. Think that this week isn’t happening the way that I thought it would. Waaaaayyyy too much computer time!

16.40pm – leave home for my PT appointment. Wish people knew how to merge and drive at the speed limit.

17.20pm – arrive at the PT studio. I was hoping to get there sooner so I could go over my song some more but peak hour traffic put an end to that idea. Sit and talk to a female PT that is there that I get along with.

17.30pm – start my training session. Lots of stairs, pull ups and push ups. Feel absolutely exhausted, most of which is due to my Bowen appointment earlier in the day. Make a mental note to change next months appointment to a Thursday!

18.30pm – finish my session, make a call to my bowen therapist to change my appointment, leave a message. Get in the car and head to my RPM class.

18.50pm – arrive at the gym for the RPM class. Help move a bike for me up onto the stage, set my bike up. Feel really nervous cause 1. I’m in front of people and 2. I don’t feel that I’ve learnt the songs enough. I know them enough that I’ll be ok but I still feel that I could have done more.

19.50pm – well, it went well I feel. I did muck up on the choerey however, it was still a good workout. The instructor whose class I’m sharing says that I did well but I need to learn how to talk from my stomach and not my throat so that I sound louder and so I don’t seem so out of breath! Feel happy that I’m doing this and that I’m not getting in my own way and quitting.

20.00pm – start to drive home. Talk to my Dad on the way who makes sure that I’ve heard about Nanna – she’s 94, lives in a nursing home and is my Dad’s Mum, not the one that I live with – she has an infection and has been moved to the Repat Hospital here in Adelaide. They are giving her antibiotics but Dad feels that she may not live much longer. I feel bad that I haven’t visited her lately and tell him that I’ll visit on the weekend. He tells me not to bother unless she is better as she won’t recognise me. Ring Mum and let her know. Mum suggests that we make a quick visit on Sunday when she’s down.

20.30pm – arrive home and don’t feel like eating so just grab some cruskits with peanut butter and a cup of milo. Sit on the couch and watch TV with Gma.

21.30pm – gma decides to go to bed early so I move to the sewing room as I feel like doing some sewing. Start doing some piecing on my next doll quilt and also the other ladybird baby quilt.

22.00pm – turn off the machine and decide to do some binding on the baby quilt that is for the baby shower this Sunday.

22.30pm – bed time! Perhaps I’ll get more done tomorrow?


4 thoughts on “A Day In My Life: 16 July 2008

  1. Sounds like a busy day. Hope your grandmother is doing well. Sorry your other grandmother is doing poorly.

  2. Have a relaxing weekend!! U deserve it!! Hope things with your grandma improves. My MIL is 84 and she suffers ill health, we take so much for granted yet everyday is precious and we need to make the most of that time.
    Hugs to u all xxx

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