Everything But…

Do you ever have those days/weeks/months where you have a gazzillion things that need to be done and yet you do everything but?

Yeah me too!

Grandma came home on Sunday and so I’ve taken the week off work to keep her company and look after her.

Sunday night I thought I’d try to make roast pork but when I took it out at the time the packet told me to it wasn’t really cooked and neither were the veges 😦

So we ate what was ok to eat and then I ditched the left over veges and gave the rest of the pork to my next door neighbour for her dog. Although apparently her husband has told that she better not dare give it to the dog as he wants it!! She’ll be recooking it later today apparently 😀

I did a little bit of sewing yesterday and now have borders on the quilt from the previous post. It’s ended up at 47′ x 51.5′ which I’m a bit intimidated about quilting but I’m sure once I’ve got it up and running it will be fine. I’ll post a pic later. I might put finishing that quilt on my list for August.

I’ve also signed up to do a TAFE subject externally before I go back in August. I figure I’ve got a week off, I may as well get another subject out of the way. Just looking at it it just seems to be 2 reports so it doesn’t seem all that hard.

Although, I would rather do anything but write reports. I’m a numbers girl through and through.

Anyways, I better be off. I’ve got tracks to learn for RPM tomorrow night, breakfast to make, weights to do and a shower to have.

I hope everyone has a great day!


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