Border Help

So I’ve finally had time to do some sewing!

In keeping with doing my 5 projects before the end of July I have been sewing all my blue pinwheels together.  It is now up to the border stage.

And this is where I need some advice please.

I thought that I’d do it in the same blues as Asian Pinwheels, however the first blue just seems to meld in with the pinwheels.

So I did some experimenting and although I do think 5 borders is just OTT I’m thinking of keeping the first 3 borders.  The dark blue, beige and then the slightly lighter blue and will probably bind it in the last blue.

What do you guys think?

I have finished binding my Easy Double 4 Patch, yet another great scrap quilt pattern by Mary.  I gave it to my Acupuncturist who has started up a charity called Little Treasures.  It was just a small quilt and finished at 37′ square.

I think it turned out cute and I’ll be making more out of my scraps when I can find the time!


6 thoughts on “Border Help

  1. I’m a little different with borders. I’ll give up my favorite look to get my needed size. My criteria would be how big does it need to be for comfyness (depending on size of bed, or person) and which one looks the best and meets the criteria. Your little quilt turned out very cute.

  2. I like your second option, stopping at the 3 borders plus binding. But I’m not sure I’d use that other blue to bind it, maybe the dark blue again?

  3. I like the idea of 3 borders too – but would probably use one of the two border fabrics you’re using to bind it in.

    Love the double 4 patch! I need to make a multi-color one.

  4. Hi Ginger– I love your blue quilt in the picture but am enthralled with the woven one in the back. Is there a pattern for it that I can buy or is it is a certain book?

    Thanks for your help
    Nancy Parrish

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