Still Here!


It has been a long week and the next couple of weeks look to be just as or even busier.

Grandma went into hospital on Monday morning for her hip replacement and at this stage 5 days later she is doing really well.  I think the doctors are just a bit surprised at how well she is recovering.  She has also dropped most of her pain pills.  I’m so proud of her.

Tuesday I taught 3 tracks of rpm and I’m really happy with how that went so now I’m going to concentrate on that more so than pump.

Wednesday I slept in, visited Grandma, went to the gym and made a not the apple crumble which is basically apple crumble but I was too tired to turn the oven on and make the crumble.  So I guess essentially I had stewed apples 🙂  They are yum!

On Wednesday I also gave my accupuncturist the quilt that I had made for his charity which he seemed to like.  When I get time I’ll try to make a few more for him.

Thursday I went to work and then skipped the gym as I was exhausted and came home and sat on the couch and watched tv.  I also trolled through a few job agency sites looking for a new job.

Then today I went to work, then the gym, then visited Grandma, came home, did the washing, had a frozen dinner that didn’t even come close to filling me up and looked for some more jobs.

I’m now looking at the big pile of clean and dirty dishes trying to work out if I should be lazy and leave them to tomorrow or just do them now.

I haven’t really had time to do any quilting.  I do take Green Ladybirds to the hospital with me and do the hand binding but at home I’ve refound my cross stitch so I’ve been doing that.  I’m hoping on Sunday when I have a bit of spare time to do some quilting then.

Hope everyone’s week went well and the weekend is just what you need 🙂


3 thoughts on “Still Here!

  1. You have had a busy time and I see that you are looking into a new job. After what happened a while ago it is probably a good idea.

    Hope grandma keeps up the healing…what a remarkable lady. I have them both worked out in my mind now…did not know there were two of them before!! Although i did wonder why there was a hospital room in her home!!!

  2. Happy to hear your grandmother is doing so well, and I’m sure she enjoys your visits. Your apple uncrumble sounds great. Have a wonderful holiday.

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