Arthur or Martha?

I’m sorry for dropping off the face of the earth for ages, well, it feels like ages but I think if I go back it will only be about a week maybe a few days more than….

Anyways, I’m doing an experiment on myself.  Nothing dangerous.  But for most of this year when people tell me to eat less or slightly healthier I get slightly (ha! try extremely) defensive and go “it’s just not that easy” and then proceed to trot out all the excuses to those that are trying to help me.

So, on a forum that I frequent someone put what they were doing into numbers and for me it really clicked cause at the heart of it all, I am a huge numbers girl.  So I’m trying what they are doing and it involves me going to the gym more than the sporadic twice a week that I was going.

Which then cuts into my quilting and hence blogging time 🙂

So far (1 week) it seems to be working so I’ll keep at it and just remind myself that at the end of the day it is about consistency, not being perfect!

Anyways, enough of the excuses, on the quilty stuff.

I haven’t done much since I last posted although you are going to all laugh at me when I tell you how much I’ve done cause when I write it down it seems like I’ve done heaps.

I’ve done the quilting on the Easy Double 4 Patch and have handsewn the binding onto half of it.  I’ve also quilted the first baby quilt and just have to attach the binding by machine and hand.

Hmmm… perhaps I haven’t done that much!

There is a challenge (I think it’s a challenge) where you list 5 quilts that you would like to finish by the end of July.  I have a few (ha! try hundred!) on the go at the moment some in the beginning stages others very close to being done and I’m feeling like I don’t know where to start to get any of them done so I think a list will be very handy!

I’ll make my list and as I finish one project I’ll add the next one to the list.

  1. Memories of Spring (applique 3 butterflies)
  2. Easy Double 4 Patch (finish hand binding)
  3. Blue Pinwheels (to flimsy stage)
  4. Asian Pinwheels (finish hand binding)
  5. Green Ladybirds (attach binding – machine & hand)

Ack!  For some reason – no idea why – I thought it was the middle of June.  But it’s not it’s the end which means that July is right around the corner….

Isn’t it strange when you know it’s a certain date as you write it down and see it everywhere but then you think about something in the future it sometimes seems further away than what it is?

Ok, I’m off now to start on that list.

Have a good weekend everyone 😀


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