Scrap Basket Lattice

Finished Size: 50′ x 50′

This quilt was the third or fourth quilt that I made.  I had been at Patchwork by the Sea to pick out fabrics for Square Bright #1 & #2 and noticed that this quilt was hanging on the wall.  Looking at it, I knew immediately that I had to make it.

So I signed up for the class and then had to start buying fabric so that I had scraps as at that point I didn’t have any!

So I lurked around Spotlight, Lincraft (when they actually had fabric there!) and also the quilt shops.

One of my family friends in Sydney also sent me some of her scraps.

I then set about cutting out the scraps into rectangles and squares.  It took forever!  I also think that perhaps at that point – or at least at the start – I didn’t have rotary cutter and board so I was measuring with a ruler and pen and then cutting the fabric with scissors!  I know that I did Square Bright #1 & #2 as when I was finishing them up they weren’t quite square.

I thought when I did the class that the quilt would be finished in that day!  Ha!  Little did I know.  I spent the whole class doing just one portion of it and came home quite disinheartened.

I then spent the next month or so working solidly on the quilt and finishing it off.  It took longer than what I expected!

When it was finished I looked at it and went “how am I supposed to get this quilted?  I can’t do this!”

And so it sat until November 07 when I decided that I’d take it to my Long Armer to get finished.

It is machine quilted in a solid blue thread in a daisy pattern with wool wadding and cost $50 for the machine quilting.

I then put the binding on it and finished it with a label in April ’08.

It now lives on the back of the couch in my sewing room.


6 thoughts on “Scrap Basket Lattice

  1. Wow $50 is a great price I must get more of mine quilted professionally. This is a lovely cheerful quilt and sure know what you mean about Lincraft. I have been pottering around fixing up all the photos that disappeared from my blog for various reasons and have made two new pages, one for wips and one as a gallery of completed quilts. Now its just writing them up ….like you. Can’t bear to think of all the undocumented ones over the years!!

  2. Gorgeous quilt!! Love the quilting…..and only $50 hmmm maybe i need to shop around lol
    Love your Butterfly Garden block, it looks lovely in the black!!
    Hugs xxx

  3. I’ve been trying to find a similar pattern for a 12″ block. That would work out to a queen size. The lattice was done on the diagonal. I believe it might be a two” strip but I’m not sure. I saw the quilt on a friends fathers bed. He told me his mother had made it for him when he was a young man. I haven’t seen anything like it and would like to try to duplicate it. It was a two color block muslin and a color done in a 12″ diagonal. Your quilt is the closest which I have come to it.

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