Secrets Revealed!

So what is the big secret???


I know that I said I wouldn’t.  But I have.

As you know I got a package from Foothills Fabric and Threads on Friday night and I did have really good intentions not to start it.


I was looking at the pattern and then I looked at the fabric and choosing which bit to go where just seemed too hard.  So then, I remembered a post Leanne had done about some of her student’s work on Butterfly Garden and how Phena is doing it in black, white and orange and it looks really good!

So I went and looked in my stash and pulled out my favourite fabrics – the asians, jinny beyer and brights.  I also pulled out the black and white fabric that I bought in December for a pattern that I’ve now decided not to do and thought that this would be perfect for them.

And then I went to work.  Whilst I was working it out I decided that I’m going to do all the flowers, hearts and butterflies in the same fabric.  I also decided in order not to overwork my brain (ha!) that for each mini block I’ll use the same black and white fabric the whole way round.

I quite like how my version has turned out and now can’t wait until I get next months pattern so I can keep working on it.  Although that’s probably a good thing cause if I had all of the patterns now I don’t think I’d stop to do other stuff!

At this stage, I still planning on doing it with the florals but we’ll see how that one goes.

So, I’m guessing you want to see what I did?  The original by Leanne can be found here.

And then here’s mine:


5 thoughts on “Secrets Revealed!

  1. I think you must like happy colors, as this one and your lattice quilt are happy quilts. It is really pretty.

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