A Day In My Life: 16 June 2008

I’m back dating this entry, I’m writing it today – 18 June.  I’m really tempted to let this month slide as I don’t really have the time at the moment to write it.  However, I know that if I don’t I’ll regret it later down the track.

So, I’m making this one short and sweet.


Today I had the day off as Annual Leave so that I could take Gma to the doctor’s.  It is her last appointment before the big surgery on 30th June.

We get there and are early as she was anxious and wanted to leave early so that we would be there on time.

Hudson’s have opened up at the hospital so we buy the New Idea and Women’s Day and sit there and peruse the magazines and sip our Hot Chocolates.

We then go up to the Day Surgery rooms to find that they haven’t actually booked Gma in for her appointment on the computer!  But the doctor does want to see her.  So we sit and wait 30mins until he can fit us in.

He give us a run down of what is going to happen and what she can expect.  We are then passed to the nurse who goes into it with more detail.

In terms of whether she comes home the week after surgery or to a respite home well, it is up to her and we won’t know what she is wanting to do until the Monday after the surgery.

If she wants to come home then that’s ok and I won’t stop her.  If she feels that she would be better off at respite then that’s ok too.  It just means that I’ll have to take the Monday after off and then not know if I’m going to work on Tuesday or not till then.  Hopefully, work will be understanding and flexible with me.  But to be honest, I don’t know.  I’ll talk to them tomorrow about it.

After the hospital we took a scenic detour to Quiltaholics so that I can get some light grey fabric for the butterfly block (middle one) of Butterfly Garden.

Then we dropped into Arndale to grab lunch (starving!) and a coffee.

Once home I put my head down and bum up to finish this first monthly portion of the BOM.  Do a few posts on here and at 5pm decide that no, I’m not going to the gym as I can’t be bothered and I have my quilting groove back!

I then go and join Gma to watch some TV – Sea Patrol – and handsew the binding for Asian Pinwheels down.  I haven’t touched that quilt in a while and didn’t realise that I hadn’t done that much on it at all!

And then it was off to bed with good intentions of getting up early to go to the gym.


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