Lookey, Lookey!!

I’ve decided to reply back to everyone’s comments through email from now on as sometimes I don’t post for a while and then I feel bad that I haven’t responded, so look out for some emails this weekend!!


I came home last night from a bad day at work – I didn’t agree with what my Team Leader was telling me so I went to another one who agreed with me, hence, overiding my Team Leader and mine found out and went “we’ll talk about this” and left it at that!  Grrr.  I also stayed back another 50minutes to help a customer and hence missed the gym class that I was really looking forward to that is not going to be on at that time anymore.  It also helped me talk myself out of going to the gym as well.  So it wasn’t a good day.  I really need to find a new job.

I then decided to go give blood so that something good could come out of it!


Anyways, enough about work, this is a happy blog!  Back to coming home from work….

Well, there was this package waiting for me!

It was the fabric for Butterfly Garden and Month 1 of instructions 😀

I’m sooo happy.  It really made my day.

Leslie, from Foothills and Fabrics in Melbourne, and I have been talking – well, I’ve been telling her that I want the Butterfly Garden and she was only too happy to help!  And so she sent the fabric that I needed – like Leanne’s, ’cause I’m a copycat – and the first pattern.


Now, I need to learn something other than backstitch and cross-stitch and find the time to learn.



I do have a catch up post in the works but for now I need to go have a shower and then take my Nanna out for coffee and cake to cheer her up.  And then I might go for a swim.

I also have to study for my test on Tuesday and learn a squat track for Pump that I promised I would present on Thursday.  Yikes!

Dad was here last weekend and visited her every day and so she also saw me and my brother more often.  Now that life has gone back to normal she is missing the contact.  That and the other week she fell over and hit her head and is now in a lot of pain.  At the moment it is a “will she get better?” or “if she gets better”  She’s 94 (end of June) so she’s had a long life and she misses her husband a lot.  Doesn’t mean I have to agree with the “if” version though!

Here’s a really good photo of me, my brother and Nanna:


One thought on “Lookey, Lookey!!

  1. Poor Nana….where does she have the bad pain….is it related to the fall, also when is her operation due?

    Your photos are lovely [on flickr] and sorry to hear about work…the things we have to put up with to pay the bills!

    Please give my best to your nana.

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