Procrastination Tactics

Hi Helen.  It was nice to sleep in, but I was expecting to go later!  Oh well….


I’m going to have to admit that after all that I didn’t end up going to quilt class.  I’ve still been feeling a bit blah this week and I just couldn’t face packing up my stuff, driving there and then unpacking it.

So, I rang early and gave my apologies to Tazzie who understood.

I then sat down at the sewing machine with the “intention” of only sewing for a little bit before redoing the assignment for tafe.

However, before I knew it the whole day had passed in a whirl of trimming, cutting, sewing and piecing!

I worked on 3 or 4 tops yesterday and nearly have all the blocks for Galaxy of Stars done.  I must say, that pattern is very good at using up the scraps!  I think by the time I’m done my 2′ squares will have been diminished significantly 😀

I have a few bits of other scrap fabric that I’ve got to cut down but I think I’ll do that once I’ve finished this top.

I had a spray tan tonight, getting ready for my brother’s 21st tomorrow night.  I smell like a fruit tingle and feel all gross.  I just want to shower but I can’t!!  I’m also getting my hair done tomorrow which I’m looking forward to as I should have had it done a couple of weeks ago but put it off cause of the party.

Well, I’m going to go and do a bit more piecing.  I’m supposed to go meet my Dad in Norwood at 9.30am but as I’m feeling exhausted right now I don’t know if I’m going to get there.

Hope everyone has a loverly (long) weekend and I’ll come back as I finish (ha!) stuff off and update how the party went 🙂


4 thoughts on “Procrastination Tactics

  1. How fun that you’re making up a Galaxy of Scraps quilt, it’s really fun working thru the scraps. I’ll enjoy seeing it when you’ve made it.

  2. How was the party and did anyone try to lick you…love fizzy fruit tingles!!!

    What is it you are doing at Tafe again and how far along are you?

    Looking forward to seeing all that gorgeous hair fixed party style!

  3. Hi Kelly,
    Ive been reading my blogs but havent had a chance to comment….love what your doing with the Galaxy of Scraps and I totally understand how u feel when u dont want to go where you need to be and then spend that time in front of the machine!!!!!….this is my life thesedays lol
    Hugs xxx

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