Less Funky

I was thinking today about what is making me feel “blah” about my patchwork and I realised it is a couple of things.

1. Is that I’ve yet to label my brother’s quilt. I kind of wanted to put a label on it that wished him the best for the future and all that but in words that aren’t common these days. It was so much easier saying the sort of stuff that I want to say before it became “common”. That and he doesn’t really want a quilt cause his room is ridiculously messy – to the point where his girlfriend refuses to go to his apartment – and he is scared that he is going to wreck it. But, it’s kind of ok, cause I knew this before I made it which is why I didn’t put super dooper effort in. So, I’ll think of something, stick the label on, wrap it up, give it to him and just let him know that if he doesn’t want it (now or later) then I’ll look after it until he does.

2. Is the baby quilt that I finished the top for. I had bought some fabric to cut up into 10.5′ squares and then sew back together again but I realised today that I just couldn’t be bothered doing that. So instead I went to Spotlight and bought a piece of fabric big enough to fit. Along with some blue for a quilt of Tara’s that I want to do and some cool multicoloured white circles which I think I’ll use as binding on something. $10 in total. Bargain!

3. Although I want Memories of Spring finished and done, I really can’t be bothered sitting down to do the butterflies and I just don’t want to! So I’ve decided to just do them when I feel like it and perhaps just take it with me to the next quilt class and do another one there. That would then leave 2 to go. Not sure. I’m also dragging my feet cause I have to cut the backing fabric in half and sew it together (and also wash it first) but I can’t be bothered. Hmm….

So, when I got home from Spotlight I put the fabric that I’d bought in the wash, sat down, had dinner, caught up with my blogs and once the fabric was finished drying I pinned the baby quilt. It took me a little longer than I wanted cause I hadn’t placed it right and had to do it again. It’s now in the bag waiting for Thursday.

I then made these cute blocks. They are from Tara’s “Galaxy of Stars” pattern from last months AP&Q that has grown on me the more times I’ve looked at it. The blue is the fabric that I bought today. I had another blue already that was perfect but unfortunately, I didn’t have enough of it. I’m thinking a purple fabric for the setting triangle (it’s on point).

I’m going to do mine slightly different. My squares are 2′ and instead of the longest line being 7 blocks, mine will be 5 so hopefully when it is all done it’s not quite as big as the one that Tara made.

In other news:

*My iron is trying to kill me. Whenever I go to use it when it’s been on for a while it leaks water onto the ironing board and creates a big mess. I’ve bought another iron but I’ve been to slack to take it out of the box. I’ll do that tomorrow.

*I have the biggest most impressive bruise on the back of my left leg just above my knee from where I hit myself on the bus chair yesterday morning. I took photos but they show a bit more than I want everyone on the internet able to see! Trust me, it’s impressive!

*I tried out black nail polish yesterday on one finger and I quite like it. It certainly looks different. I’m not sure I would like it so much if I did my whole hand though…

*I have tomorrow off. Yay!!! *happy dance* So, I’m going to sleep in, clean the house, take Grandma food shopping, tidy my room, catch up with a friend over icecream (yum!) and then I’m not sure. Probably do a bit more sewing on the gazillion projects I have going 😀

Have a good Sunday everyone!


2 thoughts on “Less Funky

  1. Sorry you’re feeling blah about your patchwork, but I just wanted to say there’s nothing blah about your green quilt. It’s cheery and gorgeous. Ditto on the blocks. Enjoy your day off.

  2. Hope you are enjoying today…our iron is naughty too and our ironing board section that holds the iron has gone rusty…hate it but the rest of it is okay so can’t justify ditching it. Well done at Spotlight.

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