Quilting Funk

Hi Claire! It was a busy day wasn’t it?  Trouble is, then, when I slow down and have a not so busy day I feel like a slacker!

Hi Amy!  He is gorgeous.  He’s being a bit of a brat at the moment though cause all he wants to do is bite me and Grandma!


So what’s been happening with everyone?

Me?  Well, I seem to be in a bit of a quilting funk.

I went to quilt class last week and pretty much forced myself to sew one butterfly onto Memories of Spring and then I just sewed pieces together.

I bought a little bit of fabric and some thread and wadding but other than that, I was quite good 🙂

But, I haven’t touched any of my quilting stuff in the past 8 days.  I have moved some stuff around in the sewing room to tidy it up and I think that I should do some but then it just doesn’t interest or excite me so I haven’t been doing anything.

Well, except for going to the gym and work….

I was just reading Crazy Aunt Pearl’s blog about how she is not going to buy anything inessential (is that a word?) for the rest of the year as she feels that she buys too much stuff and to be honest I also feel like that too sometimes.

So, part of what I’m working on is not to buy “stuff and things” cause I have a whole house full of it!  And also to stop buying as much quilting items.  I think I’ll just buy what I have to to finish off all the ones that I have planned and then go from there cause really I do have more than enough to keep me occupied for a gazillion years a while.

Well, except for Butterfly Garden cause I’ve wanted to do that since I saw it being made.  I still haven’t received my first month’s block even though I’ve tried numerous times to contact the store (not happy about the very poor customer service) so I have now contacted another store and pretty soon I’ll be all set 🙂

Oh and I wouldn’t mind a pair of black winter boots… just kidding!

I’ve only got 2 more weeks of TAFE left this semester and then I won’t have to go back until August apparently.  I had an assessment Tuesday so I spent all afternoon studying and then in the test it wasn’t like any of them!  But I managed to pull it together, although, for some reason I decided to label a creditor as an asset instead of a liability!  Whoops!!!  Still managed to get a credit though 🙂

My brother’s 21st party is Saturday week so I’m looking forward to it cause I have put off having my hair done and my eyebrows waxed for quite a few weeks so it will be nice to look all tidied up and out of my gym clothes.  I’m also going for a spray tan the night before so I should look nicely sunkissed.

And now I’m just rambling so I’ll stop it here and wish you all a safe, happy and productive weekend.


One thought on “Quilting Funk

  1. The store wouldn’t be Honeysuckle COttage, would it? There has been quite a bit of discussion on SCQuilters about them not sending BOMs; I think something to do with the old owner. If is its them, let me know, and I’ll look through the discussion, because I think someone posted a contact for the new owner or something.

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