Thanks for the comment Helen!  I’m loving the colours myself and now just want to make more!


Today I took the doll quilt with me to work so that I could get some of the hand stitching on the binding done so that Grandma can give it to her neice’s granddaughter (which makes her something 4th, 5th cousin? to me) as it is her 2nd birthday at the end of the month.

I’m totally loving it though and on the back I put 5′ squares so it also became a mini ‘eyespy’ quilt.

Although I did use the fabrics more than once so I’m not sure if it really is a traditional eyespy quilt.  It has my favourite monsters fabric in it 😀

I so want to make some more but then the practical side of me says “well, what are you going to do with them then?” and usually that doesn’t deter me but in this case….

I have a friend who is newly pregnant and I’m thinking she is going to have a girl so I’m thinking I might make this pattern in pink for her but do it 2 x 2 blocks or there is another pattern that is pink and yellow that I also want to make that I could also do (either or, not both though).

On another thought…..

I have quilt class on Thursday and don’t really have anything specific to take.  I mean I could take Memories of Spring to hand stitch the butterflies on but I don’t think I can stand sitting down and hand stitching for 3 hours.  But I don’t really have anything in particular that is calling me.

If I had of had wadding and been able to pin the baby quilt I would have taken that to quilt but as it is still a flimsy I can’t do much with that on Thursday (mental note: must remember to take a photo and post it!).

And then I have Doreen’s/Kelly’s Hearts which I also need to applique down but it seems a waste of a class.

I could also take along fabric to make another baby quilt or one of the pink quilts or the blue pinwheels or even one of the quilts that I have cut up but haven’t made yet but I just don’t know.

And then I do have 4 Xmas Placemats that I forgot that I promised Grandma that I’d make so that she has a set of 10 instead of the current 6……

So, at this point I think I’ll take Memories of Spring anyways and do one butterfly but I think I need to take one more project, cause heaven forbid I only take one thing to work on! 😛

Hmmm….. I think I’m going to have to think about it some more and perhaps make a decision on the day!

Any thoughts or ideas will be gladly accepted 🙂

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you a pic of Ginger as I haven’t posted one lately.


2 thoughts on “Hmmmm……

  1. Love that pattern and the colours are just fantastic together..great work …..Im exhausted after reading of your” day blog” whew …. do you like Xmas ? I am having a giveaway come visit and see

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