Making Progress

Hi Emma.  I have been thinking about joining a doll quilt swap however, I’m not sure if I can create something for a specific person.  I’m more of a make a quilt and hey! it’s xxx’s b’day, I can give them this….  I do enjoy seeing the beautiful quilts that are made.

Hi Kathleen.  I was tired just doing and writing about what I did!  I had been looking forward to my cake all week and it certainly kept me on track!  I only start the day early cause I have to.  If I had my way my day wouldn’t start till at least 10am everyday 😀


How did the list go?  Well, without looking at it I feel that I got a lot accomplished however, let’s go through it…

  • pedicure – done
  • manicure – done
  • facial – kind of
  • clean the house – nope, leaving it till Friday
  • label Blue + Tan – nope
  • assignment – half of it, just have to write the report which shouldn’t take long
  • homework – nope, going to be done Friday with this week’s homework
  • write an upper body weights program – nope
  • tidy study – done
  • organise hearts – i did 6 which is enough to get me through a few days
  • finish baby quilt to flimsy stage – done.  just waiting on batting and backing now
  • do backing for baby quilt – nope, although I did thing about it
  • cut 1800 2′ black squares – nope, but I did do 224, just 1600 left (approx)
  • tidy room – done

So I did get quite a bit done.  The major thing that I got done that wasn’t on the list was the doll quilt that I made (picture above).  It’s the same pattern as Blue + Tan but just one block.  It measures 24.5′ square and is very pretty.

I finished all the units and put them together last night.  Today I made the backing (49 5′ squares) and sewed some left over batting together, sandwhiched it, quilted it and machine stitched the binding on!


So now it is ready to travel with me to get the binding stitched down on the back.

My sewing room is now looking very messy and I have fabric everywhere that I started cutting up for the quilt that I now need to cut up into either 3.5′ or 2′ squares.

Perhaps I’ll cut the bigger pink squares up into 4.5′ in case I decide to make another one 😀

But it can all wait till another day now cause it’s bed time with work tomorrow.


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