Nothing Quilty

So, I’ve been feeling bad that I haven’t been posting much lately however, I don’t have anything quilty to report.

I do have a baby quilt that is nearly finished (flimsy wise) that I’m going to try and finish on the weekend.

And I feel like making a doll sized quilt – probably in pink!

However, this weekend I have a whole tonne of stuff that I need to do so we’ll see.

I also have my “Day In A Life Post” to write for today but I don’t want to do it tonight as I’m nearly asleep and if I start thinking about my day then I’ll wake up and won’t be able to sleep πŸ™‚

Life just seems to be getting so much busier for me at the moment; it’s unreal.

Ok, so just so I have an idea of what I am going to achieve this weekend I’m going to write a list here and report back Sunday night with what was done.

  • pedicure
  • manicure
  • facial
  • clean the house
  • label Blue + Tan
  • assignment
  • homework
  • write an upper body weights program
  • tidy study
  • organise hearts
  • finish baby quilt to flimsy stage
  • do backing for baby quilt
  • cut 1800 2′ black squares
  • tidy room

I think that’s enough! Let’s see if I get through all of that. If I do I have plenty more to add to it!

I had something else I wanted to say but now I can’t remember so I’ll leave it at that and get back to you tomorrow about what I did today.

Hope you all have a loverly weekend πŸ˜€


One thought on “Nothing Quilty

  1. Nice to see you posting again! Try joining one of the many quilt swaps; Flickr does regular doll quilt swaps and I’ve just joined the international Four Seasons swap!

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